How To Training Boxer Dogs

Boxers are often selected as pets and family-friendly demeanor, animated personalities and watchdog capabilities. This breed of dog is extremely loyal and when a friendship is built, it lasts forever, and why many people are attracted towards this breed because they are just admirable them.

In training your Boxer dog requires patience and try start start boxer dog training programs when they reach around 10 -12 weeks old but training a Boxer should begin quite early from about 5 – 8 weeks. Training is an important part to ensure that you and Boxers need to be given clear command lines to prevent pushy behavior, this should be done to show your authority and the rules the boxer/ puppy must obey.


A dog owner should take an approach that is calm yet assertive, loving, understand and consistent command exercises. However, with diligent practice and assertive leadership, you should talk to your boxer in a firm but friendly tone and manner, he must be obedience-trained, and loving members of the family and also ensure your boxer views you as the family pack leader. You need to know him well ‘ what makes him happy, what makes him sad, to control his exuberance and guide his mettle into acceptable channels. Playing with him and teach him, but do it in an exciting way and he is more likely to listen.

The main aspect of training for a boxer is socialization, although these dogs are naturally very friendly, socialization will help this dog become well balanced and confident in all situations. Taking your boxer dog out for a walk is really important and make they get accustomed to other dogs and people.

Teach basic commands, teach your dog to sit whenever you ask him to sit, with commanding firmly for the dog to “Stay.” couple the verbal command with raising your hand in the “Stop” come, stay and quiet, if told sit he will sit, sit in front of you, it has to be practised and used constantly. When he sits as you have asked reward him with a titbit and say good. Intentionally or unintentionally, your boxer can only pick up on your behavior, not your words, therefore will respond in kind, so for begin to train our boxers properly we must first be sure to stay positive and maintain a calm energy that will capture their respect, and therefore cause them to reciprocate in kind.

Boxer dogs do require a lot of attention more than anything as they tend to get bored very easily, the best solution to this is to provide toys to your boxer when training them and play with throw a ball with your boxer in the back yard and also give it the opportunity to work for your affection. You can give different colours and plenty of toys so that he would have an option to play with the other if one toy is again boring.

Praise your boxer when he does something right, he should be rewarded every time he does it correctly. The key here is to reward the same behavior consistently, over and over, and to reprimand unwanted behavior on a constituent basis. Once your dog can already perform the command reliably, using food treat as a reward but with continued a praise in positive, happy tone of voice. Eventually, your dog will soon learn that if he keeps responding correctly.

Unfortunately, boxers are more apt to acquire some health difficulties, and be aware of common conditions that afflict the boxer breed, such as hip dysplasia, tumors, hypothyroidism and aortic stenosis, which is a condition that causes its body metabolism to slow down. Visit the veterinarian, schedule regular check-ups at the vet, ensuring the health, nutrition and care of your Boxer will help it live a live a long, happy life.

Remember that consistent practice is key to your boxer’s obedience. if used properly and with a little patience, are quite successful. Care and playing with your pet, keeping it engaged for most part of the day is one of the prime requisites and the boxer will enjoy many years of wonderful companionship.