Raising A Golden Retriever puppy

A Golden Retriever puppies is surely one of the sweetest things that you will ever see. Beautiful, filled with a love of life deep devotion and playfulness, these dogs embody all that humans have come to enjoy. Raising a golden retriever puppy may be costly since you have to spend quite a hefty amount for health maintenance, food and the challenge of raising this beautiful Golden Retriever puppy.

All you need is make the right decision while raising a puppy; and things will become pretty simple but remember raising a puppy is all about a responsible ownership.

These tiny little puppies will quickly grow into fifty or sixty-pound dogs that need lots of attention, loving interaction with family members and socialization is one very important part of raising a puppy with proper grooming will not only make your golden look good but also it will help them to be healthier, and keeps you looks as his parent.

Golden retrievers puppy are full of energy and need frequent one or two walks per day will help your pup calm down or physical games. They can become very lonely if left alone for extended periods of time. If a puppy feel bored can chew on furniture or dash through the house.

The best possible way to create a disciplined, loving, who will mind your commands, and yet remain affectionate and gentle.They can certainly begin to learn the basics of leash walking, the first ideas of “halt,” “sit” and other basic commands. Your Golden puppy won’t be able to follow any commands if he’s not paying you any attention.

You have to teach them that it is not acceptable to do this in the house, where you know other dogs have preferred peeing on the floor like the park, watch them closely outside and observe their pattern as they prepare to defecate, you try to deal with the problem of dogs that mark, don’t be afraid to raise your voice and let the dog know that you are not like. Always use the exact same word and don’t follow ‘No’, the only thing that is consistent is that they will need lots of patience, understanding and love.

Do not allow them to jump or paw, as this creates bad habits, but be forgiving;sit and talk quietly while gently petting, give affection and including hugs which are important to proper growth.

To feed to puppies 3x a day until they are 4-7 months old. when see they get bigger and every dog breed requires different nutritional needs, so be responsible in knowing this in advance.

You have to anticipate what type of dog diet to give your golden puppy pet, this means caring for your puppies with top quality food made specifically for puppies. Look for protein sources from meat that is recognizable–such as beef, chicken,or pork,and to mushy puppy food mixed with yogurt, filtered water or a special rice pudding, these foods will be high in qualities of protein, carbohydrate, contain supplements and easily digestible fat sources.

And also by giving him at least one toys each day to help your golden puppy build up strong teeth, chew toys are also important for this purpose. However you need to be quite serious about his toys, toy addiction is common in golden puppy so take care that his toys are safe and keep your puppy away from poisonous materials.

They need lots and lots of handling from their first days of life, and making sure that you have a trusting rapport with her, this dog can be a delight for you and your family for many years to come.